Crypto Pote Token enters the game

A token that becomes scarce with time and rewards holders without any manipulation to do.


About Crypto Pote Token

Crypto Pote Token

is the best for you

The crypto pote token is a BEP20 token that runs on the Binance Smart Chain network.

Initially, there were 10,000,000 POPEs in circulation.

A 2% fee is charged on each transaction and redistributed as follows :

- Half of these fees are burned, reducing the number of POPEs in circulation to create an everincreasing scarcity phenomenon.

- The other half of these fees are redistributed to the holders in proportion to their holdings in relation.

From the date of listing, the POPE will be available for pre-sale at 1 USDT per POPE for up to 2 months.

After these 2 months, the unsold POPEs will be burned as well as those of the creator's wallet who will only hold a maximum of 10% of the supply.

40% of the pre-sale money will be used as guarantee in case of dump. A buy limit order will be adjusted every week according to the number of POPE in the supply.

Thus, investors are guaranteed to have a total sale of their pope at a minimum price that is constantly increasing thanks to the burn of the POPE on each transaction.

WARNING: To earn passive income on each transaction made on the POPE, you must keep your POPE on your own wallet. Centralized exchanges do not support redistribution

Road Map

May 2021

Create the token on the Binance Smart Chain

May 2021

Have a website

June 2021

Listing on Probit

June 2021

Big marketing campaign with the sale of tokens

August 2021

Burn of all unsold tokens

August 2021

Burn tokens from the creator's wallet to hold 10% of the supply

August 2021

Establishment of the guarantee fund

Later in 2021

Development of the project to be listed on larger exchanges

Later in 2021

Development of the project ecosystem

Unknow date

Abolishing the burn to redistribute the entire transaction fee to holders as soon as we have less than 2.5M POPE in circulation




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